Host Families


By staying with Local Japanese Host Families 100% of the time, participants gain real cultural learning on grass-roads level.

Host Family Selection Process

In each partner city, we work in very close coordination with a local planning committee made up of a variety of representatives from the local government and businesses as well as community organizations. Host families are found and selected by that local committee with the oversight of our General Manager located in Japan. Most host families have prior hosting experience and all are selected based on having the proper motivation to engage with our participants and can provide a safe and appropriate home.

Alone or with Roommates?

You will most likely be hosted alone due to the high number of families who want to host World Campus Japan participants and due to space sometimes being a limited commodity in Japan. However, occasionally you might have a roommate from you class and sometimes families will coordinate with one another in the evenings or on weekends for you and your host family to meet with other participants and their families for socializing.

Spending Time with your Host Family

Part of what makes this experience so powerful and unique is that you get to experience Japanese communities through a variety of different host families that may have different values, perceptions and view points than you. This offers a fantastic learning opportunity if you approach each family with an open mind, flexible attitude and excitement to get to know each other. Spend plenty of time together and take advantage of this once in a life time opportunity.


Our curfew is designed to protect and meet the expectations of our host families and community partners, as well as to ensure your safety and that the good reputation of World Campus Japan continues for years to come. Since host families are an important source of our cultural experience, a strictly enforced curfew has been established. This curfew applies if you go out and are not with a member of your host family and not in a World Campus Japan activity. If you are in violation of the curfew you may be dismissed from the program. More information on curfew times will be given during our Orientation.

Food and Allergies

Please keep in mind that a very important component of travel to a different country, culture or region is trying new food that is a regular part of the local cuisine. You will most likely really enjoy some dishes and not care for others. Please know that many host families will try their best to accommodate you knowing that you may not be accustomed to their food. However, this should not be expected and out of respect to for your local hosts, you will be asked to push your comfort zone at times by eating some food that you might not prefer. Families will be informed ahead of time of any particular food allergies or restrictions due to religious or medical reasons.

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