Community Contribution


First of all, it’s important to know that our brand of learning is nontraditional because we maximize the resources of the class and the uniqueness of the local community where the learning takes place. So no grades, papers or homework. We rather have you connecting with your host families and learning about Japanese culture than doing homework after the days activities are done. In addition to the fun activities that you will do with your host families, there will be other visits arranged during the day in each community that allows you to better understand the uniqueness of a particular host community.

The settings for learning on our tour will vary from schools, to government and community facilities to business campuses. These outings enhance your understanding of the local culture, meet the needs of the communities, as well as promote mutual cultural understanding in fun and practical ways. Examples range from interacting with school children to learn about the Japanese education system and inspire the kids to think more about other cultures, to meeting and having discussions about environmental issues with young executives at ExxonMobil, to learning about Buddhism at a UNESCO World Heritage Site temple or just checking out super modern Shibuya in the heart of Tokyo.

The World Campus International staff and participants as well as community partners will all help to facilitate the learning as we combine knowledge sharing and hands-on learning through guest speakers, facilitators and hands-on learning in the community setting. At the end of the program you will receive a certificate of completion.

Take a look at the WCI blog ( page to see what past classes have done!

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