Arigato Event


Thank-you Event

With guidance from your staff, your class will produce a “Thank you Event” that is designed to share our diverse cultures and thank the community for hosting our class by using music and art expression in a presentation for the citizens of each community.

The event will include music, occasional guest performances from the local community as well as songs, dances and cultural presentations from your class.

When you arrive for orientation, we will spend time discussing, developing and practicing for this weekly event and how we can use culture, music, movement, and multimedia to communicate when the spoken word isn’t enough. Everyone will also be trained in event management.

We will have some prepared Japanese and international songs and movement that you will be trained in for the event that will help to further our efforts to connect with the local community. In addition, we will use some materials that participants bring that represent their cultures. Opportunities will also exist for assisting with the technical component of the event. Everyone is required to participate in this event as it takes a lot of coordination and teamwork to be successful. Specific roles will be determined during each orientation period.

During the enrollment process, you will receive guidance about potential international costumes, music or possibly instruments to bring.

Components: Vocals, Movement, National Costumes, Theatrics, Multimedia, Instrumental Music, Technical Support

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